Fixing Sewer Blockages in Reservoir and Beyond

There are some plumbing issues that require urgent attention, and one of the biggest of these are sewer blockages. Reservoir business Professional Plumbing Group are experts at resolving drainage issues, providing prompt and affordable services to both residential and commercial clients.

We have the expertise to clear all blocked;

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Baths
  • Storm-water drains and sewers

What are the Causes and Signs of a Blockage?

There are number of reasons a sewer can become blocked. Some of these are: tree roots that have penetrated the pipe, oils and fats that have solidified and built up, and damaged pipes that enable soil and broken pipe to create a block. Flushing foreign materials, such as food or sanitary products, down a toilet or sink can also lead to a blockage.

If you believe you have a drainage issue, there are a number of things you can look out for. One of the first signs may be sinks and toilets that drain more slowly, or an unusual, foul smell. You may also want to check your garden to see if water is overflowing from manholes, or gullies nearby.

Why PPG?

To ensure prompt and effective results for our clients, we use the latest technology to locate and remedy the source of the problem. We have specialised equipment for:

  • Electronic drain cleaning equipment to clear blockages
  • Leak detection equipment to locate and trace burst water or gas pipes that are concealed
  • CCTV cameras to survey and observe problematic blockages of the drainage system

If sewer blockages are a problem for you, get in touch with our expert team for prompt assistance.