Quick Solutions for your Blocked Drains in Reservoir

Are you looking for a reliable plumbing team to unclog your blocked drains? Serving Reservoir and many other Melbourne suburbs for over 15 years, Professional Plumbing Group is well experienced to handle all of your plumbing requirements. Home or business, toilet or kitchen sink, our team can deliver fast and effective solutions that will get your plumbing back to pristine condition.

What Causes a Blockage?

Depending on which drain it is, there will be a number of things that may have caused a blockage to occur.

For toilets, a blockage is most likely caused by foreign objects being flushed. These objects can be sanitary products, children’s toys, toilet paper rolls and newspaper. Blocked drains in the toilet can create a significant disturbance in the household or office and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Outdoor Drains
Do you regularly maintain your gutters and downpipes? If not, this can be the reason for your drainage issues. Overtime, and after heavy rains or storms, leaves, sticks and other debris will accumulate in the gutter and drain causing it to become blocked.

Kitchen Sink
Blocked drains in the kitchen area can often be caused by food scraps, oil and fats making their way down the pipe and becoming stuck. As the oils, fats, and soaps eventually solidify, water is unable to pass through and will eventually clog completely.

From retention drainage to sewer and stormwater drains, PPG can offer a prompt and reliable service. We excavate and lay all associated piping from 90mm PVC to 600mm precast concrete barrel drains. Also supplying and installing all retention pits as per council’s specification. To book our services in Reservoir or nearby suburbs, please contact us today.